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问题:进入 百度页面点 视频/ 直访问,进入到百度的视频画面,此时看到“精选”框与菜单选项重叠
-this issue was caused by the incorrect coding of baidu javascript coding.
In their javascript, they will check which css3 "transform" type exists.
However, if the default "transform" keyword is supported, their checking rule will
mistake it as "transform" is not supported.
The other browser won't encounter the same coding defect because they don't support
default "transform" keyword; they merely support webkitTransform instead.
mtk's native browser supports both transform and webkitTransform keywords but make
baidu's coding defect apparent.
1. Modify
\alps\external\webkit\Source\WebCore\css\CSSPropertyAliasNames.in and remove the
following lines
transform -webkit-transform
transform-origin -webkit-transform-origin
transform-origin-x -webkit-transform-origin-x
transform-origin-y -webkit-transform-origin-y
transform-origin-z -webkit-transform-origin-z
transform-style -webkit-transform-style
2. If you would like to try the effect by rebuild webkit only, please take the
following instruction. If you are going to rebuild the image, please skip this step
rm -rf rm -rf
3. rebuild webkit by mm or rebuild the whole image