MTK 6351 音频CODEC咨询

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1.MTK 6351 音频CODEC咨询

在6755平台上想挂一个GSM MODEM,因为6755 datasheet上介绍对mtk的音频可以进行两路(上下行)的录音,现在想利用6755的音频CODEC 6351对GSM MODEM的语音上下行进行录音,我们GSM CODEC上下行音频都是模拟的,因为6351 CODEC介绍的不清楚,不知道Digital Block里面是否可以对两路模拟音频进行数字叠加处理,将处理后的音频通过6755存放在SD卡上?

另外一个问题,我外部挂的GSM MODEM的音频能直接利用6755里面的BT协议和MTK BT芯片与外部蓝牙耳机进行蓝牙通话吗(不用MTK自带的GSM MODEM)。

MTK 6351 音频CODEC咨询


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2.mtk 2503DVE 规格书

MT2503D is a monolithic chip integrating

leading edge power management unit, analog

baseband and radio circuitry based on the low-

power CMOS process.

MT2503D is a feature-rich and extremely

powerful single-chip solution for high-end

GSM/GPRS capability. Based on the 32-bit

ARM7EJ-S TM RISC processor, MT2503D’s

superb processing power, along with high

bandwidth architecture and dedicated hardware

support, provides a platform for high-

performance GPRS Class 12 MODEM

application and leading-edge multimedia


MT2503D also features:

? A highly integrated Bluetooth transceiver

which is fully compliant with Bluetooth

specification v4.0.

? A FM receiver supporting both audio

broadcast de-modulation and RDS/RBDS

data decoding.

Typical application diagram is shown in Figure 1.


MT2503D is capable of running the ARM7EJ-

S TM RISC processor, which provides the best

trade-off between system performance and

power consumption.

For large amounts of data transfer, high-

performance DMA (Direct Memory Access) with

hardware flow control is implemented, which

greatly enhances the data movement speed

while reducing the MCU processing load.

Targeted as a media-rich platform for mobile

applications, MT2503D also provides hardware

mtk 2503DVE 规格书


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